About Ibiza Fashion Market

Hi, I’m Jessica and Ibiza has been my home for 10 years now. For me, Ibiza is an island of creativity, connection and consciousness. A place where people dare to stand out from the crowd, be original and authentic.

I created Ibiza Fashion Market as more than just a shopping space. I want to bring the most imaginative, adventurous and soul-driven designers to people who, not only want their clothes to be functional, but who also care about how their apparel was made.

The designers I curate for IFM have their own story and might have different fashion styles but they all share the love of Ibiza. They are all free-spirited, independent and conscious about their creation. Every purchase you make with IFM will support individual entrepreneurs and their vision.

The collections are produced around the world in small workshops. The designers usually foster personal bonds with the manufacturers and make sure the working conditions are fair and respectful. As the majority of clothing available on IFM is hand-made in short series, most of the items have limited availability and that’s why some design lines won’t be repeated when finished.

Ibiza Fashion Market aims to represent various styles, personalities and temperaments, for both women and men. We like to experiment and to dare.

If you are curious, conscious and want to stand out from the crowd, welcome to your new online shop companion :)


With love,